The Combat Net Radio (Primary), or CNR(P), is a state-of-the-art, secure digital radio designed for twenty-first century battlefield operations. It is a VHF FM-radio, which can be operated in fixed frequency or frequency-hopping mode. These radios have built-in voice and data encryption, and can be carried by dismounted troops or mounted in vehicles or ships.

Half duplex, frequency-hopping, secure, tactical, digital VHF FM Radio
30 MHz to 108 MHz in 25 kHz channels
Incorporates Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM)
Meets environmental extremes listed in STANAG 2895 and MIL-STD-810D
Conforms to EMC/EMI Requirements of MIL-STD-461C
Integral VINSON compatible crypto module
Conforms to TEMPEST requirements of NACSIM 5100A and CID/09/14

AN/PRC-522: Manpack radio set
AN/VRC-513 (V)1: Medium power vehicle installation radio set
AN/VRC-513 (V)2: High power vehicle installation radio set

Transceiver Characteristics:
Height: 90 mm
Width: 238 mm
Depth: 220 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg

General Characteristics:
Frequency Range: 30 - 107.975 MHz (3120) channels in single channel or frequency hopping
Bandwidth: 25 kHz
Modulation: FM (F3E)
Channels: 8 programmable channels to store single frequencies or ECCM frequency sets
Modes: Analogue or digital; secure or plain text; radio rebroadcast; remote control mode
Frequency spacing/channel steps: 25 kHz
Radio rebroadcast: Mixed modes, Automatic mode selection

ECCM Modes:
Wideband hopping
Narrowband hopping (band selectable)

Barred Bands:
4 frequency hopping
16 frequency hopping
256 frequency hopping

Built-in Tests:
Transmit/Receive level indicator
Battery voltage indicator
Power-on automatic internal module test
Manually initiated internal module test

Power Supply:
Supply voltage: 12V or 28V nominal (to QSTAG 307)
Manpack Rechargeable Battery life: (1:1:8 cycle) 12 hours typical (at 20ºC)
Lithium batteries are also available for Manpack operations

Power output: 0.1 watts, 4 watts, 16 watts and 50 watts depending on configuration (manually or remotely selectable)

RX sensitivity: -116dBm (0.35µV) for 10 dB SINAD (analogue) or 10% BER (digital)
Audio output power: 10 mW into 300 ohms
Volume control: Five stepped volume levels or fixed level audio mode
Spurious response and image rejection: Greater than 85 dB

External Controls:
Channel switch
On/off switch
Crypto switch
Frequency entry
Single channel mode select
Frequency hopping mode select
No transmit/low/medium/high power select
Standby mode select
Radio rebroadcast mode select

Frequency (in single channel), Built-in Test results, selected operational modes

Environmental Characteristics (to MIL-STD-810):
Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +48ºC
Storage Temperature: -51ºC to +63ºC

Low profile manpack antenna
Manpack antenna
Single port vehicular antenna
Rechargeable batteries
Battery chargers
Carrying harnesses
Low profile headset
Fill device
High power RF amplifier (50 W mode)

Other System Components:
Vehicular adapters
Active noise reduction headsets
Adapter tray to interface with the legacy installation harness (for interim usage only)
Log readers

Product Options:
Internal COMSEC: Embedded with Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) and VINSON compatibility
Tempest certified to NACSIM 5100A and CID/09/14

Canadian Forces